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No-1 : Hide stains rather than foundation

Many times the stubborn stains of the face do not take the name of hiding. While many times it happens that even now we do make-up but it goes away. If the same happens with you that for some reason your foundation is removed, then immediately apply shaving cream on the stained area. This will easily hide the stain. However, please consult a doctor or an expert once before adopting it.

 No-2 : Use old music like this

Many times, expensive beauty products do not come in use because they dry up. Eye liner and mascara are among these. But we are telling you a very powerful beauty hex for 2021. To re-use your old and dry mascara, add a few drops of lens solution and mix it well. Now you can use your favorite mascara at least 3 times a month.

No-3 : Makeup remover

Wipes are easier to remove makeup than removers. Keep them near the bed before sleeping. Whenever you apply makeup on the face, do not forget to remove makeup before sleeping. This will also keep your skin clean and it is also very easy to use wipes.

No-4 : How to increase hair growth

If you are troubled by the problem of light hair, then apply eyeshadow on your scalp and hairline to match the color of hair. This will not affect the parting too much and you will have the impression that there is volume in the hair.

No-5 : Nailpaint drying trick

It is easy to apply nail polish but it is very annoying to dry it. After applying nail polish, if you want it to dry quickly, then for this, apply a coat of nail polish and soak it in hands with cold water for 2 to 3 minutes. This will dry the nail polish quickly.

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